LORD OF LIFE MINISTRIES is about CHRIST being Lord of our lives, so we may experience that abundant Life in Him NOW.  To declare all the counsel of God to bring about the simplicity of Christ with balance.  To RULE AND REIGN in LIFE through Christ NOW.  (Romans 5:17). Allowing Christ to minister LIFE through us to reconcile creation back to Himself for His GLORY NOW.  Lord of Life Ministries is a body ministry flowing together in His Oneness for HIS GLORY. We are here to teach, equip, and encourage you to press ever deeper in your relationship with the Father      


Audio Messages



The accuser - Jan 24 2015
My defense - Jan 24 2015
Gods storehouse - Jan 24 2015
The golden pipes - Jan 24 2015
Made whole - Dec 17 2014
A bright light - Dec 17 2014
The Vision - Dec 17 2014
The gas leak - Dec 17 2014
Very Serious
- Oct 17 2014

Trip to Israel - Oct 17 2014
Firemens experience - Oct 17 2014
Contaminated meat - Sep 25 2014
In the beginning - Sep 25 2014
The Father realm - Sep 25 2014
Rainbow trout - Sep 25 2014
Immortality- Aug 20 2014
Coming suddenly
-Aug 20 2014
Harmony with him
- Aug 20 2014

The house of Israel - Aug 20 2014
- Aug 20 2014
Bring forth much fruit - May 22 2014
Salt Preserves - May 22 2014
Jawbone Hill - May 15 2014
God is God - May 15 2014
Diamond in the sky - Apr 17 2014
Lily and the honeycomb - Apr 17 2014
Taste of honeycomb - Apr 17 2014
Battle of Armageddon second - Apr 17 2014



Smiting Stone - Mar 19 2014
Preacher of righteous - Mar 19 2014
Battle of Armageddon - Mar 19 2014
Preacher of righteous - Mar 19 2014
Battle of Armageddon - Mar 19 2014
Confound the wise - Feb 28 2014
Good intentions - Feb 28 2014
Showers of blessings
- Feb 28 2014
The watching prophet - Feb 28 2014
God is light - Jan 22 2014
Naboths Vineyard Ahab - Dec 05 2013
Beholding the lamb - Dec 05 2013
Walking on water - Dec 05 2013
The bald eagle - Dec 05 2013
A wholesometongue
A bold display
A falling away
A new jawbone
A righteous man
Abundance of rain
Acknowledge him
America repent
An awesome place
An expected end
Arise shine feast
Be fruitful and multiply
Be fruitful and multiply 2
Beggar covenant
Beheaded souls
Being forewarned
Benefits of the blood
Bound to christ
Bride groom cometh
Bring it to pass
Broken covenant
Cedar image II
Cedar trees
Cleave to him
Close the door
Clothed in the sun
Co creators
Come down off the cross
Comet sun
Consume god glory
Control by his spirit
Controlled by the spirit
Crown of glory
Deep things of god part1
Deep things of god part2
Draw near to god
East north wind change
Embrace the heart
Empty the Golden Oil
Empty vessel
Ensign to the nations
Escape to the mountains
Everlasting remembrance
Exchange a truth for a lie
Face to face
Fall on the rock
Father of nations disk1
Father of nations disk2
Father of nations disk3
Fear love truth
Final consumption
Final stages
Finish the course 2
Flee out of babylon
For it grieves me 2
Former things awaken
Frame of mind
Freedom from trouble
Full inheritance
Garden of love
Garden with water part1
Glory power splendor
God has the answers
God is your source
Gods consuming fire
Gods strength


Gods superbowl game
Gods word of the hour
Golden image 1
Golden image 2
Grace is suffucieint
Guard your mind
Royal wedding

Sabbath works
Seasons of salt
Seed sower
Serpent meat I
Serpent meat II
Set back come back
Shut the door 1
Shut the door II.
Sing mercy david
Sit with me
A Profound Statement
Mount zion joy
Never fall
Never stumble or fall
No more go out rest
Obedience friends
Occupy-crowns II
Occupy crowns II
One language image
Open the ark
Out streatched arm
Pauls journey
Prepare to meet the bridegroom
Rain power
Redeemed the power
Release power
Repair the walls
Reset your mind
Rest in him
Return and rest
Return to your first love
Righteous judgement
Royal Estate
Having A Balance
Having a balance 2
Helmet of salvation
Here i am
Highway Glory
His rest
His rightful place
Holy of holies
I am that I am
I am that i am
Identity theft
Inheritance reserved
Jubilee I
Jubilee II Healing
Keys of the kingdom
King Uzziah Died
Law faith
Life in the blood
Light truth immortality-2
Listen to his voice
Look up
Looked out the window
Magnify the lord
Meadows of a dance
Melchezdec priesthood
Melchizedek intercession part 1
Melchizedek order
Mercy seat

Sons of light
Speak the word II
Stage is set
Starve the serpent
Strength beauty
Submit yourselves to god
Support and Resistance
Take it by force
Take your position
Taking inventory
Ten camels
The power of the word
The blind man
The boxer
The bridled tounge
The devine nature of god
The dropsy
The end of the matter
The face of god
The feet company
The final stroke
The fullness of god
The governor
The hem of his garment
The heros rest
The highest order
The lion of judah
The morning stars
The perfect man
The perfect man2
The potters wheel
The power of his fullness
The refuge place
The strange woman
The three girdles
The three parables
The two doors
The unlimited realm
The upright
The ways of life
The whale
The wicked cut off
The wise inherit glory
Their desired haven
The More Excellent Way JM
Think again
Thirsty for god
Three heavens foundation
Threshing floor
Throne power house
To be accepted
To behold your god
To know him deeper
Tree of desire
Tree of knowledge of good and evil
Tree of knowledge of good and evil part2
Trusting god
Truth immortality
Tuning out god
Two cherubims of gold
Unlimited power
Unseen realm
Upon his shoulder
Valley of shittim
Wait on the lord
Wait with patience
Walk even as he walked
Where art thou
Where art thou 2
Where is my honor
Word spirit form disk1
Word spirit form disk2
Word spirit form disk3
Word spirit form disk4
Worship him only
Younger generation JM



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  • Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
    Psalms 133:2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
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Pastor Joyce Morris - The Green Bed
Read this new release by Pastor Joyce Morris

The Green Bed

The Green Bed is where God desires us to dwell so we can be in
that complete rest in Him all the time. The soul must learn how to
lay down and submit to Christ. Solomon 1:16

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$12.95 + 2.50 Shipping and Handling
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If the Father puts it on your heart to help support the work of his Kingdom through Lord of Life Ministries it will be greatly appreciated and only go to his Glory and cause.